Viking Cruises: British Isles Explorer

Viking Edinburgh Castle
Shetland Lighthouse
Shetland Lighthouse

The winds are favourable for Scotland’s cruise industry with a surge in cruise calls predicted over the next few years. After all, it’s an easy size to explore. For a small country there’s lots to see and do; from the vast swathes of rugged wilderness to the spectacular coastline, vibrant cities, fascinating history of warring clans, haunted castles, amber whisky and even a loch monster (maybe!).

Viking Cawdor Castle
Cawdor Castle

Viking Ocean Cruises know a thing or two about uncovering the best of places. This luxury line is strong on immersion and even includes an in-depth excursion in every port – as part of the standard fare. Their British Isles Explorer is a 15-day trip with stops in Lerwick, Invergordon, Edinburgh, Kirkwall and Ullapool.

Making good use of the long days of summer there’s plenty of time ashore to explore the ancient archeological sites of Orkney, observe the abundant seabirds and marine life around Shetland, play golf on St.Andrews Old Course, enjoy street theatre on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile or even try to spot the elusive Nessie (The Loch Ness Monster) … you might just be the one who snaps that million dollar photograph.

Viking Sea Infinity Pool
Viking Sea Infinity Pool

Your ship will be the Jupiter, Sea, Sun or Star depending on which date you sail. As all ships are essential identical, the actual vessel makes little difference to the trip. For a closer look at a Viking ship click here.

Viking St Andrews Cathedral
St.Andrews Cathedral

More information on this cruise can be found here on Viking’s site.


Cruise Dates: July/August 2019; May/June/July/August 2020

Cruise Duration: 15 days

Ship: Jupiter/Sea/Sky/Sun/Star





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