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The sun can come out …

Top tips to help you cruise in Scotland

Travel Light

Many cruises in Scotland are on small ships; to make the most of Scotland’s narrow inlets, hidden coves and quaint ports. Storage space on vessels can be limited so small bags are much more convenient.


As the saying goes … ‘there’s no bad weather in Scotland, only bad clothes’. Although the sun does make an appearance from time to time, even mid-summer can be rainy and a bit cold. Layering is the solution, leaving you to add or remove clothes depending on the conditions. A set of waterproofs is essential!


Casual shoes, like trainers, will suit most occasions but do bring a pair of walking boots to make the most of the stunning landscape when you do go ashore. If you’re lucky enough to visit one of Scotland’s deserted beaches, then just rely on the bare feet nature gave you.


Scotland’s cities are as sophisticated as any other, but the country is otherwise a remote place. On a cruise you may find yourself in the wilderness or on a desolate island (if you’re lucky) so bring any regular medicine you might need.

The Dreaded Midge

Scotland’s midges are notorious. These tiny little flies are out from dawn to dusk, swarming in the right conditions, and love to bite humans! Most people cope well, with only itchy lumps appearing. A head net is a great idea and some people swear by Avon’s Skin so Soft.

Maybe some wellies!
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